Lessons at Creative Classical Piano

The piano is often a magnet for young children. That might be because it’s one of the easiest instruments to get sound out of! Starting your child’s music journey on the piano is a great first step because it often lays the foundation for later musical development.

Piano lessons at Creative Classical Piano are perfect for beginners because they lay the groundwork for musical achievement in a child-friendly way. While students get to learn old classics and traditional songs, they also spend time learning and reviewing off the piano bench. The games and activities we use in each lesson help to give students a firm grasp of the basics in a way that holds their interest but also helps them to learn faster.

You can help your child take the first step in their music journey today by contacting me for a free first meeting. We’ll get to know a little bit about each other, and I’ll show you in-person what piano lessons are like. Why not sign up today?


Why do you use games in lessons?

Games are a wonderful tool to help keep learning engaging and creative. Each game that we play in our lessons is designed with a specific goal in mind. For example, some help students practise the names of music notes and others cover concepts such as chords, rhythm, and time signatures. Some of these areas would be a bit dry to drill on their own, but with music games, they’re much more interesting!

How much do lessons cost?

Lessons are paid for by the term at Creative Classical Piano. Prices differ according to the lesson length. For example, the price for a forty minute lesson (which I recommend for most beginners) is $38.85. Listed below are the prices for other lesson lengths:

  • 1 hour – $58.00
  • 45 min – $43.50
  • 30 min – $29.00

What about AMEB exams?

Having gone through the AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) exam system myself as a student, I appreciate the motivation music assessments offers to keep students on track in their progress. While music exams are not for everyone, those who meet the practice and sightreading requirements do have that option in my studio.

Does my child need a piano to start lessons with you?

Yes – having a piano at home for your child to practise on is key to their progress. The type of piano your child starts off with will be one of the keys to their success in the long run. Not sure what to look for in purchasing an instrument for your child? You can get more details here about what type of piano I recommend for new students.

What if I can’t come to lessons in-person?

Whether because of illness or lockdown restrictions, sometimes in-person lessons are not an option. Thankfully, we can continue our learning with little interruption using online lessons. I use the Zoom platform for all my online lessons, and I provide a set-up guide for parents who are new to using Zoom for online lessons. Even though the format is different, lessons can still remain engaging with on-screen games and activities.

Do you only teach beginners?

No, I don’t just teach beginners. I’ve had experience teaching from the beginner level up to Grade 8 (AMEB) so students who have already had lessons before are welcome to join the studio. Enrol today to arrange a free first meeting with me so that you can get an idea of what lessons are like at Creative Classical Piano.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any other inquiries about lessons, I’d love to hear from you. Just add your question to the ‘other notes’ section of the contact form, or send me an email at creativeclassicalpiano@gmail.com.