About Susanna

I love teaching

But even more specifically, I love teaching with creativity and variety!

Perhaps my story is similar to yours. As a child, I mostly learned to play the piano in a traditional lesson format. I would arrive at lessons with my books tucked under my arm, sit down on the piano seat, run through the scales my teacher chose, and play through the music I had been assigned.

Playing the piano wasn’t really an exciting part of my week – it was mostly hard work! But when I turned twelve, things began to change, and the practice started to pay off. Soon, I realised that I could now sit down and play for fun! I could accompany my family while they sang, play hymns in church, and even join in making music with other musicians.

The change didn’t come because I am particularly talented. You don’t have to be talented or even ‘musical’ to play music – you just have to be willing to persevere and overcome the challenges along the way. As I came to understand for myself, the journey isn’t easy, but it’s very rewarding.

Now my mission as a piano teacher is that each of my students be able to read music fluently so that they can enjoy making music themselves and also bring blessings to others through their playing!

Musical Qualifications

I began studying piano when I was about five years old, eventually working my way through many of the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) grades. I received my AMusA (Associate in Music, Australia) Diploma in 2019.

I’ve also had the privilege of accompanying strings students for their exams. For the past nine years or so, I’ve had the experience of playing the piano for hymns and choir at our church as well.

Teaching Experience

When I was younger, I vowed that I’d teach anything but piano. But in 2015, I started teaching piano, and I’m glad I did! I love teaching, finding or designing new games, and keeping my lessons full of variety. Why leave things boring when they could be creative?