Piano lessons in the Illawarra

Creative Classical Piano

Traditional Music Taught the Creative Way

Are you looking for piano lessons with a fun twist? You’ve come to the right place! Creative Classical Piano is based in Dapto, New South Wales, and offers music lessons to students from around the Illawarra. Teaching classical-style music with variety and creativity are at the core of what I do.

Piano lessons do not have to be boring! Learning a musical instrument requires a lot of work, but at Creative Classical Piano, my goal is to make the learning process enjoyable and creative. That’s why music games and activities are an important part of my piano lessons. As students play these games, they not only have fun, but they also solidify the essential skills they need to become confident, independent musicians.


‘Susanna is professional, patient and great with children. She always provides variety to keep children interested while teaching them all the foundations.’

-Deanna, parent

Lessons for Children from Age 4

Looking to get your child started on piano lessons? Lessons are available for children from the age of four and onward. Beginners will especially enjoy learning new concepts through games, activities, and movement. Let them experience the joy of making music from a young age!

Meet the Teacher

Hi, my name is Susanna, and I’m the teacher at Creative Classical Piano. One of the things I want most to teach my students is to be able to read music with fluency and confidence. Achieving this goal, however, isn’t an easy process. That’s why I want each one of my lessons to be filled with creativity and variety – to make the journey more enjoyable!

Learn Music Theory through Games

Learning note names, rhythm, and other parts of music theory doesn’t have to be boring! That’s why we play games in our lessons – to learn and review these foundational building blocks of music. My goal is to make the learning process engaging for each of my students.

‘…The lessons are done to suit how children learn. Theory is learnt through play so it’s engaging and I’m also happy that my daughter is learning technical skills.’

-Tracey, parent

Some of the things we do…

  • Sight reading – our main goal is to be able to read music notation fluently.
  • Composition – each student uses a step-by-step guide in learning to write their own music.
  • Playing by ear – we take familiar music and try to figure it out on the piano without any music notation in front of us.
  • Transposing – with our transposing challenges, we practice playing a song starting on any note of the piano.
  • Improvisation – this skill is all about knowing chords and getting creative in how we play them!
  • Music theory – with our music games, we consolidate and expand our understanding of music terms, symbols, and other things like key signatures and chords.
  • And much more!

‘Kind, softly spoken, helpful and keeps my son on task.’

-Laura Clark, parent

Almost every year students get a chance to perform some of their pieces for an audience of family and friends at our student concert. Performing music not only helps students to focus on preparing their pieces carefully, but it also gives others a chance to enjoy their progress! Here’s just one of the student performances from a past concert.